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Apartment Complex Cleaning Services

A building’s exterior common areas and amenities are often the first thing a potential tenant sees which is why it is crucial that these areas appear well kept and presentable. Having professional cleaners to keep these areas clean helps maintain a positive reputation and outward appearance. Unmaintained common areas that are left dirty negatively impact a complex’s income and occupancy rates. By ensuring that areas like walkways, elevators, hallways, gyms, pool areas, and lobbies are all kept spotless, the complex appears much more desirable. 

Benefits of Hiring Total Zen Janitorial!

Hiring Total Zen apartment cleaners will provide you with:

Newly Built Look

On going apartment complex cleaning helps maintain the sense and look of being “newly remodeled.” By keeping a close eye on details, Total Zen cleaners can keep every aspect of your complex looking fresh and brand new. 

Beautiful Common Areas

These areas are often high traffic areas that will see people on a regular basis. These areas include the lobbies, hallways, mailbox areas, elevators, and other areas that tenants are frequently found. Due to the high traffic, these areas need the most care and attention. Our cleaners will provide extra attention to these areas to ensure that the tenants feel welcome in a high-quality apartment complex.

Well Maintained Amenities for Tenants

Areas like the gym, pool, offices, laundry rooms, and any other communal amenities will need to be cleaned and well maintained to uphold cleaning standards expected of a high-quality apartment complex. Total Zen is licensed and trained to help maintain those standards. 

Commercial Grade Cleaning & Disinfecting

During all cleaning processes, sanitization has been introduced to ensure COVID-19 standards are being met. These extra precautions will be implemented when Total Zen staff is on premise. 

Apartment Cleaning Services

In addition to cleaning apartment complexes, Total Zen Janitorial also offers individual apartment and condo unit cleaning services. We offer a wide range of services that provide a deep clean, including cleaning and disinfecting:








Why Choose Total Zen?


Having a staff dedicated to cleaning ensures that our team has the experience and understanding of how to deliver effective cleaning practices that get the job done quickly. 


Our trained team understands how important the appearance and conduct of our cleaners are while on duty at your property. We ensure that our cleaners are trained in how to project the right image while on the job. 


Many cleaning providers rush jobs and are unable to provide the deep clean you’re looking for. Total Zen professional cleaners are trained to pay attention to detail. We provide deep cleaning but with the experience to know how to effectively clean all areas as quickly as possible. 


Total Zen offers complete flexibility when determining your service plan. We provide a customized plan based on your budget and priorities.

Safety and Security

Our cleaners are licensed and insured so you can rest assured that your property and residents will be kept safe. We also run thorough background checks on all employees and regularly test our equipment and supplies to ensure that our team is operating in compliance with OSHA standards


Our cleaners are prompt and on time, so you no longer have to worry about time management for cleaning staff. Let Total Zen manage your on-premise cleaning needs so you can put your attention where it is needed. 

Commitment to Quality

At Total Zen Janitorial, we promise to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness for your apartment building. We use modern disinfection technology to help maintain standards established by the federal and California governments as well as OSHA to prevent the spread of all bacteria and viruses. We only utilize products that have been deemed safe for human contact and the environment. 

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