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Fitness Center Janitorial 

From detailed front desks to immaculate locker rooms and clean gym equipment, you want your gym to exceed the standard of what your clients look for in their gym or fitness center. Total Zen Janitorial provides professional cleaning services with experience. We can effectively and efficiently clean your gym with the flexibility and dedication to detail that your gym deserves. Our team of licensed cleaners know what strategies are most effective and know how to implement them quickly, so no part of your gym is inaccessible for too long. 

Your clients expect a clean and sanitized workout space which is why it is critical to have your gym or fitness center cleaned by professionals. Total Zen Janitorial technicians are licensed and trained in how to deliver the standard of cleanliness expected of you by your guests. We focus on the clean so your gym staff can focus on the clients. Our team will ensure that your facilities are spotless and smell great. This creates a fantastic experience for potential and existing members. 

How Gym Cleaning Services Work

Total Zen services are designed to create an environment that exceeds today’s new COVID-19 standards. Our services now incorporate gym disinfecting and sanitization. Before services start, we start with a facility walkthrough to identify the cleaning needs required of your facility. We factor your priorities into your service plan to come up with a customized cleaning and disinfection strategy.

Wooden Surfaces

Wood floors are generally found in gyms with basketball courts. This presents a lot of square footage that must be maintained in pristine condition to ensure that the gym appearance is held to a high standard. Smudges and dirt left on the court will stand out and proper care will be needed to ensure the facility looks and smells brand new. 

Rubber Surfaces

Gym floors are generally rubber and require more detailed cleaning due to the amount of traffic these surfaces see. These surfaces see everything from sweat and blood to dirt and grime. They need a deep clean to ensure that the floors are completely sanitized.


Of all the floor surfaces, gym mats used for wrestling or sparring generally require thorough cleaning and disinfection. These types of facilities are becoming more common which means that the likelihood of pathogens, parasites, and diseases like athlete’s foot and ringworm are much higher. Keeping these areas free of contaminants is a great way to maintain a healthy and safe reputations. 

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms and their connected bathrooms are the dirtiest places found in a gym or fitness center. All the surfaces are high touch which are constantly being exposed to pathogens and bacteria. Locker rooms require constant attention and should be cleaned several times daily to maintain a sanitary environment. Total Zen focuses on bathroom surfaces like floors, showers, sinks, counter tops, and toilets. We follow up cleaning with disinfection using state mandated and recognized disinfection products.

Exercise Equipment

Many fitness centers and gyms have started to request member participation in helping to keep facilities clean. Even still, facilities must provide thorough cleaning and disinfection of all gym equipment as each piece of gym equipment from the machines to the free weights are high contact areas that help spread disease without proper disinfection. 

Other Specialties

In addition to traditional gym facilities, Total Zen specializes in cleaning:

 Yoga studios


Cross fit centers

Racquetball courts

Pilate’s studios

Why Choose Total Zen?


Having a staff dedicated to cleaning ensures that our team has the experience and understanding of how to deliver effective cleaning practices that get the job done quickly. 


Our trained team understands how important the appearance and conduct of our cleaners are while on duty at your property. We ensure that our cleaners are trained in how to project the right image while on the job. 


Many cleaning providers rush jobs and are unable to provide the deep clean you’re looking for. Total Zen professional cleaners are trained to pay attention to detail. We provide deep cleaning but with the experience to know how to effectively clean all areas as quickly as possible. 


Total Zen offers complete flexibility when determining your service plan. We provide a customized plan based on your budget and priorities.

Safety and Security

Our cleaners are licensed and insured so you can rest assured that your property and residents will be kept safe. We also run thorough background checks on all employees and regularly test our equipment and supplies to ensure that our team is operating in compliance with OSHA standards


Our cleaners are prompt and on time, so you no longer have to worry about time management for cleaning staff. Let Total Zen manage your on-premise cleaning needs so you can put your attention where it is needed. 

Commitment to Quality

At Total Zen Janitorial, we promise to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness for your apartment building. We use modern disinfection technology to help maintain standards established by the federal and California governments as well as OSHA to prevent the spread of all bacteria and viruses. We only utilize products that have been deemed safe for human contact and the environment. 

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