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Modern Office Building

Office Janitorial Services

Office space appearance is generally the first thing that prospective clients see when evaluating your company. Ensuring that this space provides a warm and inviting feel largely depends on how clean your space is kept. Keeping a workspace clean and sanitized is also comforting for the staff that must work within the space. Clean workplaces have been shown to improve productivity which is especially important as workers transition back into the office. It is also important that they can work comfortably knowing that their workspace is being regularly sanitized to combat the spread of viruses.

Total Zen Janitorial provides professional cleaning services to offices and office buildings. We understand that how good your office looks and smells plays a critical role in how well your office operates. Our top-down cleaning strategies cater to various types of commercial office spaces. Our clients include small office spaces to entire office buildings. Our team is trained and experienced in how to resolve all of your office cleaning and sanitizing needs. We provide custom cleaning schedules that work conveniently around your schedule to ensure that the office workflow isn’t disrupted.  

Office Cleaning Services Include: 


Reception area and common area clean

Disinfection of all touch points like doorknobs, light switches, and phones

Sanitize kitchens and countertops

Bathroom cleaning and sanitizing

Sweeping and vacuuming

Carpet spot cleaning

Wet and dry mopping

Hard surface scrubbing

Trash removal

Pre and post event clean up

Dusting and blind cleaning

Walls, ceilings, and baseboards

Glass cleaning

Benefits of Hiring Total Zen Janitorial!

Benefits of Office Cleaning Service

Keeping a workspace clean and organized helps keep customers and employees comfortable. Regular cleaning and disinfecting also helps protect against the spreads of pathogens and diseases which has become increasingly important in recent years.

Hospital Grade Cleaning Products

Total Zen uses EPA approved hospital grade cleaners and disinfecting products. Our touch point cleaning is done first with the use of antimicrobial soaps designed to eliminate surface born pathogens. This is followed by electrostatic spraying to ensure that all surfaces and touchpoints are thoroughly sanitized against all pathogens, viruses, funguses, and bacteria. Our goals align with your priority to maintain a clean office and provide a safe environment for your staff to thrive. 

Prevent Employees from Getting Sick

Dust and mold combined with poor ventilation can trigger allergies and asthma. Total Zen professional cleaners ensure that all surfaces are wiped down and carpets are vacuumed to minimize dust and indoor air pollutants.

Minimize Furniture Damage

Small spills and messes will add up over time increasing wear and tear on carpets and furniture. By maintaining regular cleaning schedules, messes will be cleaned up to ensure the longevity of a pristine office appearance. 

Save up on Costly Deep Cleaning

Maintenance is a large part of prevention which also applies to cleaning expenses. By keeping an office space tidy, clean, and organized, larger deep cleaning and trash removal bills can be avoided. 

Making a Great Impressions

Your business’s customers will have a wonderful first impression of your office upon arrival if regular cleaning occurs. Without it, you take the risk of messes and spills soiling the reputation of your business. Total Zen ensures fantastic results with our cleaning methods.


Why Choose Total Zen?


Having a staff dedicated to cleaning ensures that our team has the experience and understanding of how to deliver effective cleaning practices that get the job done quickly. 


Our trained team understands how important the appearance and conduct of our cleaners are while on duty at your property. We ensure that our cleaners are trained in how to project the right image while on the job. 


Many cleaning providers rush jobs and are unable to provide the deep clean you’re looking for. Total Zen professional cleaners are trained to pay attention to detail. We provide deep cleaning but with the experience to know how to effectively clean all areas as quickly as possible. 


Total Zen offers complete flexibility when determining your service plan. We provide a customized plan based on your budget and priorities.

Safety and Security

Our cleaners are licensed and insured so you can rest assured that your property and residents will be kept safe. We also run thorough background checks on all employees and regularly test our equipment and supplies to ensure that our team is operating in compliance with OSHA standards


Our cleaners are prompt and on time, so you no longer have to worry about time management for cleaning staff. Let Total Zen manage your on-premise cleaning needs so you can put your attention where it is needed. 

Commitment to Quality

At Total Zen Janitorial, we promise to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness for your apartment building. We use modern disinfection technology to help maintain standards established by the federal and California governments as well as OSHA to prevent the spread of all bacteria and viruses. We only utilize products that have been deemed safe for human contact and the environment. 

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